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Ganga HighTech Pvt Ltd (formerly Ganga Motors) was incorporated in the year 1988. We are one of the leading distributor/retailer companies in West Bengal in the Pumps & uPVC Pipe Industry. Over the years, we have dealt in products from Power Tillers, Weeder, Reaper, and Harvester to Submersible Pumps, uPVC Pipes, Submersible Cables, Submersible Winding Wires, and Submersible Pump Spare Parts.

We provide our customers with the best of Indian Brands like Amrut, Duke Pumps & uPVC Pipes, Jainson, Polybest, MK Bush and Ganga. ISO 9001 certified brands like Amrut and Duke have strict National and International Quality Compliance Standards and procedures to ensure what the customer gets is nothing short of premium.

We have completed glorious 32 years in serving our customers with best quality products and hassle free services.


Like the tributaries of the River Ganga that we derive our name from, our distributor network is spread throughout Eastern India and neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

We have a vast network of 60 Channel Partners and 2100 Retail Counters consisting of Pumps & Pipes Dealers, Repair workshops, Submersible Pump Winder & Repairer, Winding Wire & 3 Core Cable Retailer.



Founder, Director, Chief Karmayogi

Nitin Patel is the founder of the company. He has been dealing in pumps, motors, uPVC pipes, 3 core submersible cables, winding wires, submersible spare parts, power tillers and agricultural equipments for more than 32 years. He has a deep understanding about this industry and leads a team of dedicated employees. He envisions spreading top quality products of brands like Amrut, Duke, Polybest, Jainson, MK Bush & Ganga in the eastern and north-eastern states of India as well as the neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Ganga HighTech has built a strong distributor and service network to achieve this goal. In addition, he has an experience of 8 years in the automobile industry.

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We aim to have a network as vast as that of River Ganga, so our customers can get what they want - product, service or support, whenever and wherever, there by emerging as their number one choice for Pumps & uPVC Pipes.


We aim to become a leading name in the Pumps & uPVC Pipes Industry. We believe that when you focus on delivering uncompromised quality, recognition follows naturally. Our motto of ‘SERVICE WITH A SMILE’ is our guiding principle.
We’ve been working with business values like:

  • - Ethics : We must conduct internal and external business practices fairly and ethically.
  • - Transparency : We must have a respectful and clear line of communication within the company as well as with our stake holders.
  • - Compliance : We must abide by the law, rules and regulations that apply to our business practices.


Our focus is to market and distribute premium quality and latest technology products that are certified and meet various national and international quality standards. We have a wide spread distributor network and support channels that make sure the best customer service and satisfaction is delivered.


We have a skilled and energetic marketing organization, dealing in Agricultural Goods & Implements and also industrial products of repute brand and quality product. Our network is spread across both the domestic market and abroad. Our range of products includes GANGA SIFANG DI Power Tiller, Submersible Pumpset, uPVC Column Pipe, uPVC Casing Pipe, uPVC Plumbing Pipe, uPVC Pressure Pipe, Horizontal Submersible Pumpset, Front Suction Regenerative Pump, Side Suction Regenerative Pump, Top Suction Regenerative Pump, Jet Ventury Self Priming Pump, Light weight Under Water Pump, Auto Flow Control Pump, Multistage Centrifugal Pump, Submersible Drainage pump, Control Panel for Submersible Pump, Monoset Pump, Winding Wires, 3 Core Flat Submersible cables and all types of genuine Spare parts for Submersible Pumps and Motor.


We are one of the leading distributors/retailers in West Bengal in the Pumps & uPVC Pipes Industry. We provide premium quality products at reasonable prices with the best pre & post sales services.

  • Wide Range of Products
  • 60 Channel Partners in Eastern India
  • ISO Certified Brands like Amrut & Duke
  • ISI Certified and 5 Star Rated Products

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